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Pioneers in Innovation and Precision on Surfaces

For over four decades, SIVE has been a benchmark in the field of advanced technologies for surface enhancement. Our reputation is based on a combination of historical experience and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Nanotechnologies are one of our strengths. This disruptive technology allows us to explore and exploit the properties of materials at the nanometric level, creating coatings and treatments of high quality. In parallel, our robotic sol-gel applications represent a further step forward in our ability to offer finishes with exceptional performance.

High vacuum metallization is another of our specialties. With this technology, we are capable of depositing thin metal films like aluminum, achieving surfaces with high reflectivity and shielding characteristics.

Chemical metallization on plastic further expands our portfolio, enabling us to capture a significant market segment in electronics and telecommunications by offering various treatments to protect equipment from electromagnetic interference with layers of metals like Cu, Ni, Sn, and Ag.

Thanks to our automatic painting plants, we produce both technical and aesthetic high-quality finishes. For custom finishes, our laser marking offers high precision, allowing us to create unique details such as logos, inscriptions, and distinctive marks with utmost care.

Our mission is to always stay a step ahead, anticipating market needs and emerging trends in the field of surfaces. We invite everyone to contact us to learn more about our solutions and the possibilities offered by our advanced technologies.



Sol-gel ceramic materials and coatings, spray and dip-coating application technologies.

DSC 0001

High vacuum metallization

Vacuum deposition of a thin aluminum film on plastic parts.

DSC 0013

Chemical metallization on plastics

Metal deposition – Cu, Ni, Sn, Ag – on plastic parts.


Automatic painting systems

Automatic and robotic systems for technical / functional and aesthetic finishes.

NK7 0662

Laser marking

Selective removal of the coating layer on plastic and metal parts.


Other services

Complementary plants and services are integrated by ancillary facilities and complementary services.

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