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Innovation and Precision on Surfaces

At SIVE, years of experience and technological growth allow us to create and fine-tune tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications. Our offerings are as varied as they are advanced, meeting specific needs with precision and quality.

  1. Automotive Solutions: paintings and surface treatments for aesthetic and functional finishes. In addition to applying paints on car interior parts and external components, we specialize in vacuum metallization (PVD), i.e., the deposition of thin reflective aluminum films for headlight assemblies and parabolas.
  2. Electronics and Telecommunications: in the constantly evolving field of electronics and telecommunications, our metallization solutions offer a competitive advantage. The metallic coating applied to PCB casings and electronic components provides essential shielding properties against electromagnetic interference. Our selective metallization techniques allow the deposition of metals only where necessary, such as inside plastic housings, to create effective “Faraday cages” for E.M. shielding, thus ensuring the integrity and performance of the device.
  3. Innovative Kitchen and Appliance Accessories: our non-stick coatings, based on PTFE and compliant with food safety regulations, redefine the culinary experience. On cooktops, stainless steel or vitroceramic grills, aluminum resistors and burners, we apply nanostructured ceramic coatings, transparent or colored, that resist dirt, withstand high temperatures without yellowing, prevent chemical corrosion, and simplify cleaning.
  4. Home and Industry: we bring a touch of brilliance to industrial and domestic lighting. Spotlights, lamps, and decorative objects shine with our high vacuum metallic deposits. Paintings and technical treatments enhance the surface properties of industrial equipment, molds, and plant parts with non-stick, self-lubricating, scratch and heat-resistant, and chemical-resistant effects.

Our commitment is to unite form with function, providing surface solutions that meet each client’s individual needs. Contact us to discover how our technologies and surface treatments can enhance your products.

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