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Solutions for kitchen appliances

Kitchen Appliance Solutions: The Realm of Nanotechnologies

In 2008 SIVE entered the world of ceramic-based nanostructured sol-gel coatings.

Thanks to some regional and UE  research projects, colored and transparent ceramic coatings have been developed over the years to be applied on metal, glass and special plastic surfaces.

Treatments that modify the surfaces giving properties and performances useful to guarantee maximum functionality but also a pleasant look, an increasingly important aspect in medium and high range products intended for the domestic sector.

Thanks to its know-how, SIVE is now able to offer to its customers:

• Colored ceramic-based coatings, resistant to high temperatures, flame, abrasion and easy to clean.

  • Transparent nanostructured coatings, resistant to high temperatures, yellowing, abrasion, and with hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties, ideal for protecting stainless steel in appliances.
  • PTFE based coatings.

The integration of advanced nanotechnologies in home appliances and kitchen utensils represents a turning point, led by SIVE’s innovative sol-gel nanostructured ceramic-based coatings.
These nano-coatings, the result of extensive research in collaboration with University Centers and international partners, offer improved surface finishing solutions to cooktops, sinks, stainless steel accessories, glass, and other metals, making them easier to manage and more aesthetically pleasing with increased robustness and longevity. The hydrophobic or hydrophilic characteristics of these transparent coatings make cleaning and maintenance of the accessories on which they are applied easier.

SIVE’s range of nanotechnological products also includes colored ceramic-based coatings resistant to high temperatures and direct flame, applied on gas burners, resistors, and aluminum heating monoblocks for small appliances. They form a highly hard protective barrier, inert and suitable for contact with food.

For inquiries or to discuss your project requirements, reach out to the Sive S.p.A. team
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