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Other services

Support Services for Main Technologies

Complementary plants and services are integrated alongside the main technologies. The goal is to offer the customer the possibility of obtaining a complete subset with a single reference supplier:

  • Mold construction, plastic molding at external companies of established trust
  • Design and realization of jigs and equipment with rapid 3D prototyping
  • Mechanical assembly operations
  • Mechanical pre-treatments (manual and automatic corundum sandblasting and shot blasting)
  • Chemical pre-treatments: degreasing and chemical passivation
  • Vacuum Plasma cleanings
  • High precision prototyping services

Integrated Production Processes for Optimal Efficiency

Our integrated approach allows us to oversee every aspect of the production cycle, ensuring that each component is manufactured in the best way possible. To the main technologies offered, we can integrate accessory services such as:

  • Mold Construction: in collaboration with trusted external companies, we design and build high-quality custom molds for your specifications.
  • Molding: thanks to solid partnerships, we offer molding services for plastic parts, aluminum, zamak, and sheet metal cutting to create an optimized production chain for our customers.
  • Innovative Design and Rapid 3D Prototyping: our design and engineering services, combined with the capability for in-house rapid 3D prototyping, allow us to arrive at very precise solutions tailored to individual needs, reducing time-to-market.
  • Mechanical Assembly Operations: we can perform mechanical assembly of subassemblies, also taking care of the procurement of components and small parts.
  • Mechanical Surface Preparation Treatments: our corundum sandblasting techniques, both manual and automatic, prepare your products for further processing or surface finishes.
  • Plasma surface preparation treatments: our low pressure plasma system is capable of nano-cleaning and surface activation to ensure adhesion and performance of subsequent finishing processes.
  • Chemical Surface Preparation Treatments: degreasing bath for plastic and metal parts and chemical passivation baths for stainless steel to enhance performance and prepare surfaces for subsequent treatments.


A Single Reference Supplier

With Sive, you can simplify the management of your procurement with a single reference supplier that allows you to obtain a complete subset: from the procurement of components to the application of surface treatments or metallization, to any final assemblies. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and quality at all stages of production.

We support your production needs and help you achieve exceptional results
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