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Nanotechnologies Sol-gel with robotic spray application

Nanostructured coatings on metal, glass and plastic parts; available transparent and colored solutions for:

  • Kitchen hobs, sinks and burners, household appliances and tools
  • Automotive metal parts
  • Medical devices
  • Metal parts and panels of urban, naval, railway furniture

…and many other applications yet to be explored for these high value-added coatings that renew surfaces making it hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic or hydrophilic, resistant to yellowing and scratches, easy to clean, high heat resistant.

Innovative Nanotechnological Solutions with Sive Surface Coatings

Sive is at the forefront of technological innovation in surface treatment, offering nanotechnological solutions with Sol-gel applications and robotic spray techniques. Our commitment to research and development in the field of nanotechnology has led to the creation of efficient, durable, and versatile nanostructured coatings, suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, glass, and plastic.


Transformative Nanostructured Coatings for Multiple Applications

The needs of different market sectors, are very different from each other, which is why we have developed a diversified portfolio of nano-coatings. Our solutions, whether transparent or colored, are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of cooktops, sinks, burners, household appliance components, and kitchen utensils. Focusing on durability and performance, our coatings extend the life of everyday objects, making them easier to maintain, also thanks to the hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties of our coatings.

The automotive industry also benefits significantly from our coatings, which provide metallic components with high resistance to weathering, ensuring greater longevity and reducing susceptibility to scratching and yellowing. Our nano-coatings protect surfaces while maintaining a pleasing and consistent appearance over time.

In the medical sector, hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance. Our nanotechnology coatings can be applied to medical equipment and devices to help maintain a cleaner environment.


Unexplored Horizons: The Potential of Sive’s Nano-Coatings

The potential applications for Sive S.p.A.’s high-value-added nano-coatings are limitless. As industries continue to innovate, our coatings provide opportunities to explore new applications where improved surface properties can lead to breakthroughs in performance and longevity.

Discover the power of Sive’s nano-coatings. Contact us to enhance your products with our advanced surface technology solutions.
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