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Laser marking

Laser Marking and Ablation

To finish a coated part, SIVE performs selective removal (ablation) of the coating layer, thus engraving logos and brands on plastic and metal parts. This is essential for achieving the “night and day” effect on panels and car button groups. Laser marking can also be performed on uncoated plastic and metal surfaces.

Laser Marking at Sive, to Make a Mark

The service of laser marking and ablation was introduced at Sive over 20 years ago to offer our clients an added value closely related to certain surface finishes, the aesthetic painting of car interior components. Thanks to laser ablation, the applied layer of paint is removed from the specific plastic part, creating writings and logos that reveal the underlying texture and allow for the creation of the “night and day” effect on backlit buttons and keys.


Versatility on Different Materials

Our laser marking services are not limited to coated parts. We also specialize in direct marking on uncoated plastic and metal surfaces. This flexibility allows us to serve a wide range of industries, from automotive to consumer electronics, to household appliances, with customized laser markings that become an integral part of the product’s identity. We engrave logos, serial numbers, and complex designs, often combined with subsequent surface finishing painting, ensuring that your products stand out in a competitive market and last over time.

Learn more about our laser marking capabilities and how we can assist in distinguishing your brand in the marketplace.
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