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Surface treatments and coatings for metal and plastic products. Contact us for more information.
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From aesthetic to functional and smart coatings, SIVE know-how is present in electronics, automotive and household appliances all over the world, adding value to customers’ products. Our mission is the constant research for coating technologies and solutions, targeting new markets and keeping up with their continuous evolution.



Sol-gel ceramic materials and coatings, spray and dip-coating application technologies

High vacuum metallization.

Vacuum deposition of a thin aluminum film on plastic parts.

Chemical metallization on plastics.

Metal deposition - Cu, Ni, Sn, Ag - on plastic parts.

Automatic painting systems.

Automatic and robotic systems for technical / functional and aesthetic finishes.

Laser marking.

Selective removal of the coating layer on plastic and metal parts.

Other services.

Are integrated by ancillary facilities and complementary services.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.

(J.F. Kennedy)


  • The achievement and maintenance of certified quality standards is a fundamental element for accessing national and international markets. The certification is an opportunity for competitive growth that guarantees the consolidation of the client ensuring its continuous satisfaction.

Packaging information

  • The italian law D.L. 116/2020 implemented the EU legislation (directive 2018/851 and 2018/852) regarding the obligation to label packaging to make it easier to collect, reuse and recycle.
    In the information sheet that can be downloaded here, you can find all the information necessary for the correct management of the packaging used by SIVE SpA.

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