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High vacuum metallization

High Vacuum Metallization for Automotive, Lighting, and Electronics Applications

Thin film deposition of aluminum or other metals for applications:

  • Automotive, reflectors and headlight parabolas.
  • Lighting technology, spotlights, and lamps.
  • For electromagnetic compatibility, shielding effect, on connectors and contacts, inside plastic housings and cases.

High Vacuum Metallization: The Process

Sive’s high vacuum metallization is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process that involves the condensation of vaporized aluminum onto parts exposed in a high vacuum environment. This sophisticated technique allows for the creation of a uniform and extremely thin metallic layer that perfectly conforms to the surface of the treated parts, giving them a shiny and bright appearance. Additionally, the deposited metal has shielding properties that can be useful for applications in electronics and telecommunications.


High Vacuum Metallization at Sive

The high vacuum metallization process enhances surface properties and provides the necessary functionality for plastic parts intended for various sectors, including automotive, lighting, and electronics. At Sive, primarily PVD deposits of aluminum are applied to automotive components requiring high reflectivity such as headlights and parabolas, as well as on reflectors, lamps, and spotlights for industrial and domestic lighting.

Another important function of vacuum aluminum deposits is achieved with the metallization of small connectors and contacts intended for electronic equipment and instruments and for data transmission. The deposited metal provides the necessary protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) on sensitive components. This ensures that the devices operate smoothly, even in environments with high levels of interference.

For more information or to discuss your high vacuum metallization needs, contact Sive S.p.A. .
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