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Finishing on automatic and manual painting systems

Improving Appearance and Function: Customized Coating Solutions for Excellence in Automotive, Industrial and Design

Application of specific coatings according to customer specifications or those that are part of our company know-how.

For automotive applications, interior and exterior components of the car.
For industrial applications, parts of plants, gears and mechanical components, frames and equipment, electrical and control panels, moulds and control panels.
For applications in the field of fashion and design, with a wide range of colorful and resistant solutions (watch cases and dials, jewelry, objects and furnishing accessories).

Finishing Systems at Sive

Painting is perhaps the most classic example of surface treatments. At Sive, we apply aesthetic and functional finishes using automatic, robotic systems, and manual systems. Applications that provide both a functional and aesthetic improvement of the coated parts, always in line with the individual and specific needs of the customer.
Whether you are looking for finishes based on your specifications or prefer to rely on our experience and our in-house developed paints, our team is equipped to provide solutions that exactly meet your needs. Sive is synonymous with tailor-made applications: every product we treat is optimized for both function and design.


Automotive Applications: More than Just a Finish

The automotive sector requires both aesthetics and robustness, and Sive is capable to meet these needs. Our finishing systems can handle a variety of parts – from small car interior push buttons to exterior car components. We offer solutions that meet high automotive standards and withstand the rigors of the road while adapting them to the design required by the automotive industries.


Industrial Applications: Highly Robust Finishes

In the industrial field, performance is essential. Our coatings and treatments are applied to a wide range of components, such as parts of plants, gears, mechanical components, frames, equipment, electrical panels, moulds and control panels. The coatings applied by Sive ensure that each piece withstands the test of time and efficiency, ensuring greater resistance to wear and environmental conditions.


Fashion and Design: The Art of Aesthetic Innovation

The functionality of a product is a primordial need. We also grasp the importance of aesthetics in the fashion and design industries. Our finishes bring a touch of color and a layer of resilience to an eclectic mix of items, from watch components like cases and dials to furniture and furnishing accessories. With Sive, your products will stand out for their durability and design.

Contact Sive S.p.A. to redefine the finish of your products – where every detail matters.
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