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Solutions for Electronics and Telecommunications

25 Years of Customized Metallic Coatings for EMI Protection

It is present in any equipment (plastic housing) in the industrial and domestic sectors, in means of transport, in medical/healthcare, aerospace and defense instruments. To have optimal functionality, reducing electromagnetic interference, these equipment must be correctly shielded.

The use of plastic allows us to obtain designer objects, articulated geometries, functional and light containers for the electrical and electronic parts. A shielding coating, obtained through the deposit of metals, allows for the reduction or absence of electromagnetic interference on all these equipment and instruments.

SIVE has been applying this kind of coating for over 25 years.

Deposits of aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, silver on components of even very complex geometries, even selectively, make it possible to obtain solutions aimed to different needs and suitable for obtaining the “Faraday cage”.

Over the years, we have developed a particular and distinctive know-how: selectivity, achieved with great precision. The metal layer is deposited only where it is required. The development, with various technologies, of protections and masks begins with the design, continues with the creation of the first 3D prototypes, and subsequent development leading to industrial production.

Technical and aesthetical coatings

To obtain the functionality and/or aesthetics of components and subassemblies intended for applications in the fields of industrial automation, aerospace and electronic instrumentation, SIVE also offers a wide range of other coatings to obtain a friction effect on small metal and plastic parts, PTFE coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, transparent and colored coatings and  black coatings with high absorbance of light waves.

In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, SIVE stands out as a leader in electromagnetic shielding solutions. Our expertise in applying metallic coatings on plastic and metal components is crucial for enhancing the performance and safety of a myriad of devices. In sectors like telecommunications, where signal clarity is essential, our shielding techniques play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted communication. The importance of our technology extends to consumer electronics, where devices are increasingly miniaturized but require high performance.

Lastly, the versatility of our coatings finds application in the automotive industry, where electronic components are integral to the functionality of modern vehicles. From navigation systems to electronic control units, our shielding solutions safeguard these critical components against electromagnetic disturbances, ensuring safety and efficiency on the road. SIVE’s cutting-edge technology, therefore, plays a central role in supporting the evolution of the automotive industry towards more connected and autonomous vehicles.

In recent years we have developed the application of black coatings with very high absorbance of light waves, certified by the aerospace sector, on satellite optical systems.

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